March 21, 2012

The New 52: Wonder Woman Issue 7 Review

Continuing their journey to Hell, Wonder Woman and her companions seek help from the god Hephaestus. Dark secrets about the Amazons are also revealed. The origin of Wonder Woman and the Amazons continues!

The new 52 Wonder Woman series reboot has been shocking from the start to say the least. The alteration of the character’s birth and history has caused anger and raised eyebrows for many readers including myself. The treatment of one of the cornerstones of DC Comics and even comics in general has been terrible. Having her be an illegitimate child of Zeus, for perhaps the purpose of shock value, is the worse gimmick ever. To taint her origin like that is beyond reason and just possibly for the sake of controversy. Issue 7 of the new series adds more shocking revelations as well.

The team are about to meet Eros
 On their way to Hell, to rescue Zola (kidnapped from last issue), Hermes seeks Hephaestus’ help for weapons. Hades learns of this and sends a creature to stop them. The battle is quickly ended thanks to Wonder Woman but not before the deaths of Hephaestus’ minions. These minions who we learn are actually children of Amazons long abandoned because they are male.

Hades sends his creature
Wonder Woman ends the battle quickly
I won’t spoil it further because the controversial Amazon element continues in the next few scenes afterwards. Suffice to say, it’s another tragic mistake by DC Comics to allow these elements to be a part of the Wonder Woman mythos. I’m disappointed the Amazons are portrayed like this. The character is just so rich to be depicted like that.

The Good: Cliff Chiang’s wonderful artwork

The Bad: Awful treatment of the Amazons by DC Comics

Final Verdict: C

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