March 8, 2012

The New 52: Animal Man Issue 7 Review

The Rot are hot on the trail of the Baker family, will Animal Man and his daughter Maxine, succeed in stopping them? Animal Man issue 7 continues the storyline from the initial issues despite beginning a new arc.  The Rot are at the forefront once again of this new storyline, as they spread their destruction in their attempts to capture the Baker clan.  Nothing stands in their way as The Rot draw closer and closer! A special guest star is featured as well!


Meanwhile, the Baker family guided by the ancient avatar of The Red, in it's form as a "talking cat" named Socks, seek any help they can in combating the Rot.  Waters are not calm within the household as tensions begin to rise as well.  Buddy has a strange dream in which a family member attacks him! Will the family stay together long enough before the Rot capture them or will infighting bring them down?

What t-shirt is the girl wearing?
Baker family and a special guest!

Overall, Jeff Lemire's Animal Man/Rot storyline is running too long here seven issues later.  It would be nice to jump onto other subplots instead of possible crossovers.  That seems to be the direction this story is headed.  I won't reveal the guest star but he does wear a trench coat and is on the cover! There's only so much gore one can take with the Rot creatures!  Although, Animal Man has never been the normal superhero book like any other series and it's great depicting the actual lives that superheroes lead. Not all of them are single and living nicely in mansions in Gotham City.  Lemire captures the drama and emotion of the erratic and adventure-filled lifestyle a superhero goes through. Especially one with kids and in-laws to look out for!

The Good: The human drama depicted. Original series artist Steve Pugh's work.  Look closely, you'll see the actual Animal Man t-shirt.

The Bad: Storyline is dragging on after seven issues. Wasn't six enough of The Rot

Final Verdict: B

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