March 31, 2012

The New 52: Batman The Dark Knight Issue No. 7 Review

The adrenaline-filled storyline comes to a close as Batman and Bane continue their battle, only one survivor can come out of this slugfest! Thankfully for Batman, an ally comes to his aid in the nick of time.

Bane has been a welcome surprise as we’ve seen almost half of the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery make their appearances during this initial New 52 storyline of his new series by writer Paul Jenkins and artist David Finch. With each issue, the mystery behind the adrenaline-powered super-villains has been building up until the revelation in issue 6 of who real mastermind was. Month after month, the creative team has kept us in suspense. All signs pointed to the Scarecrow concocting the venomous mixture and injecting the serum to Arkham Asylum inmates, setting them off on their crazed and delusional rampages. However, the real culprit was actually Bane utilizing a kidnapped Poison Ivy to create the mixture empowering the villains and himself.

Superman aiding The Flash
Not yet done with The White Rabbit
It’s good to have super-powered allies as Batman actually falls to Bane’s might and power. The Dark Knight frees the captured Poison Ivy before heading to confront Bane for the final showdown. Superman and Flash make their guest appearances and one of them easily saves the day for all. It’s this element of issue 7 that troubles me, that having a guest star or Justice League team mate help out the Dark Knight with this victory, chips away at the persevering and resourceful persona of the Batman. I find it sad that the Batman couldn’t defeat Bane mentally and having to rely on someone else to save the day. I wish Jenkins had ended this storyline in a different way with the Dark Knight coming out on top, on his own merit and skill.

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The final scenes also reveal more about another character introduced early in the series. Suffice to say, our initial suspicions regarding this character were satisfied and the revelation will be shown in issue 8. The end of issue 7 will surprise you! Finally, fans looking forward to other superheroes making their appearance will not be disappointed with the duo of the Man of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster.

The Good: More plot twists ad turns.

The Bad: Would’ve preferred Batman to handle the situation himself.

Final Verdict: A-

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  1. Sometimes Batman needs help. After all, he is only human ;)

  2. Ha ha okay Dark Knight but next time you're on your own again!