April 4, 2012

Review: Avengers v. X-Men Issue 1

The most anticipated saga of the year is finally here! Avengers vs. X-Men does not disappoint at all despite the lackluster buildup in AvX issue 0. In terms of plot and despite it's simplistic storyline, the story presentation is quite good and plausible. Is it ultimately Cyclops' fault, through his selfishness and personal ties to the Phoenix Force, that escalates the conflict that otherwise, could have been easily prevented?

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As our story begins, the Phoenix Force is heading towards Earth, possibly towards Hope Summers. Hope has been manifesting the powers of the Phoenix Force much to Cyclops chagrin. The Avengers are first to discover the powerful effects of that entity and inform government officials. Consulting Wolverine, Captain America ventures off to Utopia to contain Hope Summers before any destruction can occur. Hot-headed Cyclops thinks different of course and our series continues from there!

The return of the Phoenix Force and the feared effects of it's devastating power, as the basis for this team conflict is done well enough. The next issues are definitely worth looking forward to and hopefully, isn't just a bunch of fight scenes. What will become of Hope Summers indeed!

The Good: Artwork and plot presentation

The Bad: Some dialogue and scenes were tepid. Cyclops' ego!

Final Verdict: A-

Images courtesy Marvel Comics

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