June 6, 2012

Review: Supercrooks Issue 3

Supercrooks issue 3 is a mind blowing read to say the least. Johnny Bolt's cohorts do their best to convince him not to go through with his plan to rob the supervillain, The Bastard, lest they all suffer dire fates. Does Johnny listen though?

Supercrooks is just one of the must read books of the year so far. The concept and feel of the book is just so fresh and original.

In Supercrooks issue 3, writer Mark Millar continues the story begun in the debut issue.  Supervillain Johnny Bolt has assembled a group of fellow criminals to help out Bolt’s friend who has found himself in a dire situation requiring money.  Bolt dreams big of course and plans to steal from the very wealthy retired supervillain, The Bastard.  His comrades tell tragic tales of those who were unlucky enough to betray The Bastard but Bolt remains steadfast with his scheme.

Now in Spain, after relaxing and enjoying the beautiful country,  the early stages of the heist is under way as two members are sent to scope out The Bastard's mansion. Bolt's ex-girlfriend Kasey and partner Roddy Diesel do surveillance work in disguise. After bringing back that information to Johnny and the crew, the plan is set and the heist of the century begins.

However, all is not what it seems despite the intial stages of the heist going fairly well. In fact, almost too well. The shocking cliffhanger ending will stun you. Be reminded of what The Bastard does to those who betray him! I've grown attached to these characters and would hate for them to experience what those others have!

Overall, the third issue of Supercrooks is quite a great read.  Millar's story moves with good pace and won't broe readers with too many details. Leinil Yu's artwork, is as always, perfect for the tone and setting of the story. The gore is turned up several notches so be prepared for some mind blowing scenes as well.

Final Verdict: A

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