July 5, 2012

Review: Amazing Spiderman Issue 687

Under the mind control of Dr. Octopus, The Avengers are ready to stop Spiderman from undermining Octopus' plan to eradicate the planet. Who will survive this final confrontation?

The epic miniseries within a series, "Ends of The Earth" by writer Dan Slott, reaches it's sense-shattering conclusion. We've seen Spiderman pushed to the limits in trying to stop Doctor Octopus' plan and at the same time, convince the world, that the villain is up to no good at all.

The variant covers by Gabrielle Dell'Otto, featured throughout our reviews, have been absolutely delicious! The various artists from Humberto Ramos to Stefano Caselli have done a bang up job! The dying Doctor Octopus, seemingly thwarted by Spiderman and his global comrades, has one final card up his sleeve though and that's the Avengers who are under his control.  With Sable, Black Widow and an unlikely ally in Mysterio, the team handily take down Earth's Mightiest Heroes with Mysterio's help.

The final confrontation in Doc Ock's lair has tragic consequences, especially when The Rhino is involved. During the battle with Doctor Octopus, Spiderman learns of what the lunatic's plans are for the future and his legacy! The battle favors Spiderman as Doc Ock is distracted by his own ego and miscaculations! However, someone on Spiderman's team, tragically will not surive this final conflict. Dan Slott, has provided a whirlwind global adventure with the "Ends of The Earth" miniseries within a series. If anything, the miniseries has been both an eyeopener for Peter Parker, and discovering how some of the technologies he's developed, can fall into the wrong hands.

Slott's twists at the ending in relation to Doc Ock's miscalculations, and another one which we won't reveal, are examples of the superb writing he's done for this story. We leave you readers, with this reminder, in comics - dead doesn't mean necessarily mean dead!

Final Verdict: A

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