August 16, 2012

Review: Daredevil Issue 17

With their friendship and partnership dissolved, what's next for Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson? The future for Murdock remains uncertain but writer Mark Waid, takes us on another nostalgic look at the friendship.

If you thought Daredevil's harrowing adventure in Latveria was tough, his return to New York, was just as worse. His partner Foggy Nelson revealed a startling discovery in Matt's office last issue and lead to the dissolution of their long time partnership.  Of course Waid has been showing subtle hints of this gruesome discovery for a while now and it all came to light, last issue. This is uncharted territory for Murdock, given the public's knowledge of his activities as Daredevil and for Waid to cut ties between the both of them, makes for an interesting new chapter in Murdock's life. It's not the first time, Waid has gone back in time either with providing a look into the lives of both men and their tumultuous friendship. However with the current issue of Daredevil, Waid portrays another side of Nelson, one that might cause readers to understand Nelson's loyalty and friendship to Murdock.

In issue 17, Waid and guest artist extraordinaire Michael Allred, take us back in time at a moment in the early beginning of their firm's fledgling start. The villainy of Stiltman is at hand as he crashes in on the firm on the hunt for a sensitive item. Allred captures the ensuing fight amazingly, as Daredevil arrives on the scene to rescue Nelson from death. Admittedly, someone like Stiltman doesn't make for much action when you consider the character but kudos to Waid for tapping another storied Marvel villain again for this story. Further in the issue we get a glimpse of that sensitive item, as well as a heartwarming experience for Murdock. Their friendship is destroyed though but Daredevil's determination with the discovery in his office and the outcome for vengeance, is not.

Final Verdict: A

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