February 13, 2013

Earth 2 Batman: Battle For The Cowl

A new Dark Knight has emerged on Earth 2 following in the footsteps of the original Batman. Who is this mysterious new hero?

DC Comics' Earth 2 Annual 1 featured the debut of an all-new Batman for that world. Now for newer readers, Earth 2 is parallel world where the Trinity (Superman, Wonder-Woman and Batman) perished in a battle against Steppenwolf, during the invasion of Earth by Apokolips. The identity of the new Dark Knight is certainly a mystery at this point but we examine some possible clues on who could carry on for The Dark Knight:

1. Terry McGinnis - better known as Batman Beyond. The upcoming costume design for the Earth 2 Batman bears a similar resemblance to the Batman Beyond outfit, with it's similar colors. Caveat for this selection would be the confusion created with the digital comics featuring the character

2. Dick Grayson - In pre-New 52 continuity, the Robin of Earth 2 was none other than Dick Grayson. Due to the New 52 reboot, Helena Wayne was the "Girl Wonder" sidekick for Earth 2 Batman. Could writer James Robinson throw in a New 52 twist with Grayson taking on the mantle? After all, the other version of Dick Grayson was Batman at one point, before the events of Flashpoint.

3. Jean-Paul Valley - The only other person to ever step in the shoes of Batman himself, during the Knightfall saga. This is a longshot given the historical context of Golden Age characters that are being utilized in Robinson's storylines. However, the character may find a new home in the New 52 with this new incarnation.

4. Other - Could it be another all-new hero who will don the Dark Knight's cowl instead? We'll see!

Key issues to follow are Earth 2 Annual 1 and Earth 2 Issue 17:

The new Dark Knight in Earth 2 Annual 1 (left) and Earth 2 Issue 17 (right)

New writer Tom Taylor will reveal the identity of the new Dark Knight when he takes over previous Earth 2 scribe James Robinson, in issue 17.

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Earth 2 issue 17 image via CBR

*Article revision July 2013

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  1. I'd love for it to be Terry. However, if it's going to come from the Bat-Family, then I'd prefer it to be the Earth 2 version of Jason Todd. That just sounds neat to me. However, I would absolutely love it to be Lee Travis. Since Golden Age characters are showing up in different contexts across the title, having the original Crimson Avenger be the new Dark Knight would be fabulous. And a privilege for fans of both Batman and classic stories.

  2. My money is on Valley. I know he has no Golden Age connection but there is something about the imagery we have seen so far of the Earth 2 Batman that screams Az-Bats to me.