August 2, 2012

Review: Earth 2 Issue 4

The Flash and Hawkgirl help Green Lantern take on Solomon Grundy, with a surprise twist at the end! What's in store for Earth 2's newest heroes?

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Writer James Robinson ties in his parallel world with the introduction of Solomon Grundy and his connection to The Rot, in the previous issue. The introduction of the New 52 counterparts has been surprisingly fun, despite reservations of these updated versions of the Justice Society heroes. The concept of a new Earth and the formation of these heroes to replace those who died during the Apokolips War, has been a great premise by Robinson. The fresh start for the former Justice Society members and their awkward starts, especially Jay Garrick, allows readers to witness their heroic baby steps because frankly, you can't just be a hero overnight. Unless you're Batman of course. This is another great aspect of Robinson's touch on the Earth 2 series that is fun to enjoy issue after issue. At least here, the dialogue is more bearable than Geoff John's Justice League reboot.

In issue 4, we get a glimpse of Flash, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern's first team outing in their battle against Solomon Grundy. Robinson has once again masterfully portrayed each character's distinct personality with Jay Garrick as the reluctant yet determined hero, being an example. It's not hard to like Garrick given what he has gone through personally and Robinson's varied character traits for each new hero, ensures you're bound to bond with one of them! Sadly, we can speculate that Garrick will probably never play the leadership role here. Issue 4 has interesting twist with one of the characters featured in cameos, in previous issues.  Nicola Scott continually handles the visual chores brilliantly and the bright color work complements the issue as well.

Final Verdict: A

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