August 1, 2012

Review: Daredevil Issue 16

The aftermath of Daredevil's Latverian adventure comes about, as several Avengers do their best to help out horn head! Plus, a stunning discovery is finally brought to light which threatens Foggy and Matt's partnership!

Mark Waid has easily become one of Daredevil's most beloved writers, in light of Frank Miller's magnificent past contributions to the character and title. Waid's portrayal of Daredevil has been since issue 1 of his run, to showcase Matt Murdock's radioactive abilities and at the same time, depict a hero whose identity has exposed. These two aspects of Waid's current run has been a factor in most issues, especially in issue 18. Murdock and Foggy Nelson finally go head-to-head with a shocking discovery and revelation about Murdock's future with the firm. Interestingly enough, we got a glimpse of Nelson's and Murdock's friendship during their college days and how Murdock helped out Nelson from being expelled. This time around, Nelson is the one expelling Murdock! This anguishing moment of course, has been hinted at for a long time now, since the beginning of Waid's run.

Issue 16 packs an emotional punch as well, as his fellow superheros do their best to get rid of the nanobots crawling in his brain. Of course, it takes a special Avenger to do the job and Waid gives readers an interesting twist with this person and Daredevil. In addition, you'll enjoy the many guest stars in the thrilling but heartwarming story. Chris Samnee's artwork and powerful visuals once again, is another treat with every issue he has done. His simple lines in addition with the stunning color work by Javier Rodriguez completes this great issue. Waid

Final Verdict: A

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