September 22, 2012

REVIEW: Nightwing #0

DC's 'Zero Month' continues with Nightwing #0 and the New 52 retelling/reboot of Dick Grayson's origins as the original Boy Wonder.

Although the issue is actually very well written with amazingly drawn and colored visuals, the changes DC has made in Nightwing #0 are simply unforgivable. It proves the age old saying that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Possible spoilers ahead.

Up until now, I was fairly satisfied with DC's New 52 treatment of the Bat family. Yes, there's still the issue with Batgirl and the unexplained disappearances of Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown, but for the most part it was bearable because DC didn't change too much in terms of the Bat books. 

Up until now.

As I read the issue, I couldn't help but think that I was reading a mash-up of both Dick Grayson and TIM DRAKE'S origins of Robin. Yes, the fundamentals of Dick Grayson's traditional origin remains - his parents are killed in a trapeze accident set by Tony Zucco.

But that's pretty much it. Bruce sends Dick to a "Wayne Care Center" for witness protection from Zucco. Soon after Dick uncovers Batman's identity on their first encounter (after only meeting Bruce just once a few nights prior). To protect his secret, Bruce/Batman then decides he has no choice but to bring Dick to the cave to train him and use him as another ally in the cave (that is, an ally using the Bat computer). A bad lead puts Batman into a bit of trouble, which forces Dick to take matters into his own hands - he dons the Robin costume (which he had been making in secret out of Bat suit pieces) and enters a whole new world. We get a cameo appearance by Lady Shiva and the issue abruptly ends. If any of that sounds like Tim Drake's Robin origin its because it a lot of it is.

Without spoiling too much, their origins are now strangely and annoyingly too similar. Boo. With this in mind I can only fear what DC has in store for Mr. Drake when Teen Titans #0 hits shelves next week. Ugh.

As for the new "original" Robin costume? Really now? Did they have to give Tim's Robin costume to Dick too? DC even stripped Tim of "the first Robin with pants" title. Don't get me wrong, I'm an extremely huge fan of both characters, but their differences are what made them.

Also, DC's Zero Issues were made to supposedly answer changes made in the New 52 but now even more and worse questions arise. What becomes of Dick's growth into Nightwing? How did he know from the start that he wouldn't be Robin forever? And more importantly what good does it do to give Dick aspects of Tim's origin in the first place? And even Tim's costume to boot! UGH.

Despite these major annoyances, I'll give the issue some credit - it's actually well written and the art is superb. Yes! Worth checking out but I can't guarantee you'll enjoy the substance of it.


If you're interested in Dick Grayson's original origin, Robin: Year One is still the way to go.

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