September 6, 2012

Review: Hawkeye Issue 2

Up against an entire assembly of super villains, how does Hawkeye get out this dilemma and save the world? He gains an ally but is she in for the ride ahead?

It's uncommon for heroes to actually divulge to their own peers, that they need help fighting crime. You wouldn't see Batman holler at Cyborg and ask him for assistance against Gotham's worst criminals on a daily basis. Even determined crime fighters like Daredevil go at it alone. Writer Matt Fraction portrays a different kind of character in Clint Barton as he teams up with future partner-in-crime Kate Bishop.

While we still see the cool and head-on hero that is Barton, we are also shown a deeper side of the character beyond the macho and bravado that he is supposed to exude. Issue 2 is another fast paced style story from the team of Fraction and artist David Aja. However, it's a completely different adventure delivered with spectacular artwork by Aja and an intricate style of panel narrative that has to been seen. The vibrant colors explode and shape the story from page to page. It's as if Fraction is throwing a storytelling gauntlet for us to explore and really get into. 

Beyond another action packed story of Hawkeye going literally head-on with the underworld's nefarious elements, we get a visual treat that challenges us and immerses us with brilliant dialogue and pacing. It's the birth of a duo that complements each other real well since one has already filled the shoes of the other. 

Final Verdict: A

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