September 17, 2012

Review: World's Finest Issue 0

A rushed product often has it's shortcomings. A jumbled release best describes World's Finest issue 0, as a cluttered story fills up any meaningful space left for a more detailed origin. That's not to say that this issue doesn't serve up any bright spots with details about our two stranded heroines.

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Being the only title related to the hot Earth 2 comic, you'd think World's Finest would live up to the brilliant story shown in issue 0 of that title. World's Finest features the further adventures of two heroines from the parallel world, stuck in our planet. While the issues have often featured snippets of Huntress and Power Girl's past in both worlds, the "Zero Month" initiative by DC Comics, is supposed to fill in some more details of their time as well. Not entirely being a complete letdown, World's Finest issue 0 is filled with tender flashbacks, many of them heartbreaking.

It goes without saying that there are some emotional scenes in this issue. Artist Kevin Maguire, well known for spot-on work of capturing facial expressions among his characters, does a phenomenal job here again. There's enough drama here with writer Paul Levitz's story to fill an entire season of soap opera episodes. However, the issue lacks a general cohesiveness and we instead get random moments only for the purpose of shock  and emotional value.  I really don't see one of the characters reacting more, to the death of one of their loved ones.

Levitz doesn't do enough to cover this scene and glosses over it too quickly for the sake of inspiring that character, to continue their crime fighting career. I felt the issue should have been more streamlined to focus on the origin of the Robin/Supergirl teamup.  Levitz and Maguire include subtle acknowledgements to the past but blink and you'll miss it!

Final Verdict: B

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