June 4, 2012

Classic Ms. Marvel

As Carol Danvers becomes the new Captain Marvel, Ben Chabala over at Marvel Comics, has compiled some of the issues available via the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited service featuring Ms. Marvel.  Over the years, Danvers has been known as Ms. Marvel, Binary and Warbird.

Highlights include:

  • Ms. Marvel # 1: Wherein our heroine tackles some bank robbers and the menace of the Scorpion in her debut 1970s series. You'll get to witness her original costume and the issue features classic artwork by John Buscema. 
  • Avengers # 47: Our dynamic damsel fights some mutated wolves in Canada!
  • Ms. Marvel # 1: The most recent series for our heroine finds her taking on Stiltman and the familiar threat of the Brood.

 Carol Danvers through the years

And many more issues as well! I still remember her classic fight with Rogue in an issue penciled by Jim Lee, which is unfortunately not featured here.

Via Marvel Comics

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