October 12, 2012

Review: Daredevil Issue 18

Daredevil descends further into the dark as a figure from his past catches up with him. Also, how fragile is Matt Murdock's friendship with Foggy Nelson and have things gotten even worse?

Let's face it, Daredevil has been through a lot within the last few issues. You want to feel sorry for him but you know he can take care of himself, since he's got enhanced abilities. After a little trip to Latveria, old Horn Head has certainly been put through the wringer by writer Mark Waid, since the Omega Drive story arc.  We all had hopes for Matt Murdock and the burgeoning start of a relationship with Kirsten McDuffie but that seems to have evaporated, given how much our hero has been through. To top things off, Foggy's discovery of Matt's father's remains in their law office, has completely shattered the trust and relationship both men have shared. What else could happen for Daredevil at this point?

Well, writer Mark Waid throws another wrinkle for Horn Head in Daredevil issue 18. Despite the flashback issues showcasing the bond between Nelson and Murdock, it's clear Waid is taking both characters in different paths. Waid's transitions for Nelson seem evident when a client drops by for help but does show much impact Murdock has had on Nelson's life, when it comes to the law and in seeking justice. Things take a turn towards the dark side here, as a person from Daredevil's past shows up, literally on his bed. Murdock's shaky psyche surely can't take anymore of this and it makes us wonder what Waid has in store for Daredevil? Could a complete mental breakdown be possible future for our hero? Again, Waid's tone for the book has gone darker and even more mysterious than previous issues.

There is nothing much more to say about Chris Samnee's always wonderful artwork and the complementing work of colorist Javier Rodriguez. Both of whom seem to always make each panel pop and explode at the right times.

Final Verdict: A

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