October 11, 2012

Review: NBA 2K13 for iPhone

How does the sequel to NBA 2K12 for the iOS platform, stack up to it's predecessor? Well, NBA 2K13 doesn't foul out as it becomes the dominant mobile basketball game.

Greatest Games

When NBA 2K12 was released, it was riddled with a few bugs that hampered the overall experience. There was an incredible lag between the game announcers and the action on the court. Often times, announcers would state the action to a much later period instead of on the spot. Despite this simple flaw, the game proved to be a lasting favorite all season with roster updates and other features being added such as social media network sharing, along the way.

As the 2013 basketball season begins, 2KSports' NBA 2K13 for iPhone and iPad, elevates itself once again, as the premiere basketball game for the mobile gaming community. Building upon it's previous iteration with newer graphics, updated Greatest Games features and others, NBA 2K13 continues it's dominance like Shaq in the paint, during his Orlando Magic years. This year's release isn't hampered with any initial problems and you'll enjoy once you've immediately downloaded it.

Dwight Howard shoots over LeBron!
Lakers vs. Heat

NBA 2K13 retains much from it's predecessor with the menus and options. You can play against someone via GameCenter or Bluetooth. The biggest change and addition is in the Greatest Games feature where you have a wider selection of players to choose from. Furthermore, you can expect to relive other athlete's greatest games as well but the initial batch featuring Allen Iverson, Drik Nowitzki and more, isn't bad at all!

Not too much has changed from NBA2K12 with the controls. There are few games on the mobile gaming genre that have a good system for controls, that mimic it's hardware console counterparts and NBA 2K13 is one of them. The virtual D-Pad is still here as well as the one touch tap control system. The layout for the controls have vastly improved and now take up larger space on the screen. Though it doesn't deter from the onscreen action. It won't take you long to master this game with these simple controls.

Final Verdict
Simply put, NBA 2K13 continues it's reign in the mobile gaming platform. The playing experience is fun, frenetic as the real games are. Most importantly, the affordable price for this universal app, playable on the iPad as well should make it a lasting selection for your mobile gaming needs.

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