October 3, 2012

Review: Earth 2 Issue 5

The Wonders of Earth 2 have gathered as a team to fight off the threat of Solomon Grundy! What chance do they have when the Champion of The Grey can simply regenerate himself?

Earth 2 issue 5 continues our introduction to the heroes of the parallel Earth 2. The reimagined Justice Society certainly have their hands full with Solomon Grundy as the battle continues at the nation's capital. Writer James Robinson adds a further subplot with the star of Earth 2 issue 0 Mr. 8 aka Terry Sloan, figuring prominently. Sloan's actions in this issue simply furthers his character's depiction in issue 0 being both absolute and determined in his stance against threats to the planet. Much of the issue is filled with the actual formation of Earth 2's Justice Society, as Al Pratt despite being deployed by the World Army to neutralize our heroes and Grundy, teams up with them to stop the mutual threat.  Robinson also litters issue 5 with several hints and revelations for classic characters from the DCU Earth 2, so don't miss those!

However, the real star of this issue is once again Green Lantern as Robinson brings back another plot element from the past that that is tied to his origin. It's safe to say that The Grey are using all that they can to subdue Green Lantern, so we hope that Alan isn't fooled for what they have in store for him! The last few pages echo the classic Alan Moore Swamp Thing story, "Another Green World", wherein Swamp Thing/Alec Holland travels within The Green and almost doesn't escape, because of the "serenity". Tell me if you also see the parallels with what Alan Scott endures! A wonderful touch here by Robinson.

The same stunning artwork, vibrant colors and even the special touches in the lettering, in this issue as well past ones, makes this a must read!

Final Verdict: A+

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