October 30, 2015

The Walking Dead: Glenn

While Nicholas met a tragic fate in the episode "Thank You", Glenn's demise was somewhat ambiguous.  Some interesting scenes from the Season 6 trailer may point to Glenn's final fate.

Re-watching the trailer for the sixth season of The Walking Dead will reveal many scenes from episodes that have already aired.  However, there are some scenes from the trailer that depict Maggie Greene and Aaron walking in a tunnel or sewer system, that may lead us to Glenn's ultimate fate:

Are Maggie and Aaron searching for Glenn or are these scenes from a completely time and context? Is Glenn still alive or did he meet death alongside Nicholas? Though Glenn dies a very different and horrible death in the comics, the character deaths in the television series have always been considerably different from the comics series.  The anguished and dejected look on Maggie's face, is certainly a hint of something tragic.

These scenes from the trailer may lead us to Glenn's ultimate fate. 

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