October 9, 2012

Review: Fairest Issue 8

A different kind storyline is at hand as Rapunzel heads off to Japan when her past comes literally crashing back at her feet. What's in store for her as well as her Fables comrades in this dark adventure?

Writer Lauren Beukes takes the Fables characters on a thrilling and deadly new adventure, centered around the character Rapunzel, as she travels to the Far East on a personal quest for answers.  Bringing along Jack Horner and his own special talents on this journey as well as her hairdresser, the unlikely pairing of the trio instantly faces trouble on their first outing in Japan. Beukes adds a mix of dark humor and suspense as the writer weaves an interesting story with each scene building up to the climactic ending.  Inaki Miranda's artwork is sufficient in capturing the panels and characters well.  Miranda's work goes full screen on some panels as well. Buekes' depiction and inclusion of Jack Horner adds a perfect balance and mix of dark humor in this deeply personal story.

Furthermore, you'll see some Japan-based pop culture references injected into the story by Beukes. There's a poignant scene in the middle of the issue, that contrasts Snow White and Rapunzel, both of whom never so far apart when it comes to offspring. A tale filled with mystery and suspense involving the Fables is nothing new, but Beukes' debut story in this "Hidden Kingdom" arc, presents itself well and leaves readers hanging on or more.  While new readers unfamiliar with the Fables universe of stories and characters might get lost with the many different scenes, Beukes' writing blends in enough elements to keep both audiences hooked without losing those who are unfamiliar. Furthermore, the story is capped with a tantalizing cliffhanger ending.

Final Verdict: A

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