October 10, 2012

Review: Action Comics 13

A menace from Krypton's past makes his presence felt in the present, as Superman goes into Phantom Zone. Featuring the special appearance of The Phantom Stranger, this issue also marks a beloved reunion for the Man of Steel with a companion.

Writer Grant Morrison crafts an spooky Halloween story for Action Comics issue 13. There are some wonderful nods to the Superman mythos here so be sure not to gloss over them. Artist Travel Foreman adds his own unique look to the Man of Steel. Is it a coincidence, that Foreman is penciling this Halloween tale? If you're familiar with his previous visceral work on Animal Man, you'll enjoy his style here. Despite not being too detailed, Foreman's panels are simple yet refined and are as comparable as Rags Morales' early work and style were. Foreman's depictions of Krypton are pretty mind-blowing as well.

Doctor Xa-Du, a threat to the stability of the planet Krypton, finds himself banished to the Phantom Zone. Morrison's depiction of the Doctor pleading for mercy are quite powerful for readers to grasp the level of revenge, Xa-Du burns for. Interesting that Xa-du's banishment also falls on Halloween, as the menace uses a ecto-suit to escape the Phantom Zone and get his revenge on Jor-El's son! With the help of the Phantom Stranger and a companion from the planet Krypton, is Superman able to send Xa-Du back to prison. Of course this loving companion was hinted at in issues past and is a wonderful sight to see again. Man's best friend is a sight for sore eyes!

Final verdict: A

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