November 26, 2012

Review: Defenders Issue 12

The end is finally here for our heroes! Will they triumph against the Death Celestials or be destroyed along with everyone else?

After nearly 30 years of reading comics, this may be the first time a series has ended so quickly for me. Despite a broad and diverse cast of characters, Defenders issue 12 was the final issue of the series.  Writer Matt Fraction delved deep into Marvel Comics' history with his Concordance Engine storyline, connecting characters such as Namor and Iron Fist with these machines. There were some deep personal stories, showcasing the individual characters, throughout the first arc (collected in trade paperback) that were absolute gems but unfortunately just didn't find a greater audience.

Fraction and a myriad of artists took our heroes down in the depths of Atlantis all the way to Wakanda. Readers were treated to a variety of guest stars as well, from Black Cat to Ant-Man and Nick Fury in the final issues. I don't know if Fraction wanted the series to end this way or had to change scripts halfway, but Defenders issue 12, has a fitting ending. An ending that flips the script on the series [SPOILERS] by actually having the series, not exist in the first place.  Dr. Strange is left to make a fateful decision and the lives of everyone around hangs in the balance. Our heroes don't ride off into the sunset after defeating the Death Celestials and Fraction gives the series, an ending it may or may not deserve.  Joining Fraction on the art duties this around is artist Mirco Pierfederici whose graceful pencils caps off the series nicely.

The Good: A unique ending only Fraction could provide for the team.

The Bad: The ending may leave some readers cheated out of the series.

Final Verdict: B

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