November 26, 2012

Review: Hawkeye Issue 4

What trouble is Clint Barton involved in now? Writer Matt Fraction and guest artist Javier Pulido take the amazing archer on an unforgettable trip to Madripoor!

While the lackluster story in issue 3 almost ruined my overall good vibes of this current Hawkeye series, issue 4 more than makes up for it. Once again, Fraction delivers another quality story complemented by the "soft yet simple" artistry of Javier Pulido. If you enjoyed Pulido's recent contributions to The Shade miniseries, you'll enjoy it here once again.  Pulido's panel work is quite brilliant here bringing out the best of Fraction's script, which is filled with humor.  Issue 4 delivers just as much laughs and wit, as it does action and suspense. The combination of both talents on this particular issue make for a wonderful comic-book pick of the month as well.

Fraction and Pulido take us from the rooftops of New York to the underworld activities in Madripoor.  It's a story fitting Hawkeye as no else could get into the sort of trouble and adventure this story gets him entrenched in. Furthermore, pitting Barton against some varied Marvel villain heavyweights like Kingpin, HYDRA, definitely lands him in the center of the Marvel universe, providing him with certainly more diverse adventures ahead! Not only that, he's unknowingly building an enemies list longer than any of his arrows! The dialogue and pacing is brilliantly done. The ending itself is quite a surprise! What could "Operation Eucritta" possibly be though?

The Good: Overall solid issue with a engaging story and equally good art.

The Bad: The mystery of the tape will have to wait another month!

Final Verdict: A

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