December 29, 2012

Comics: Best of 2012

2012 wraps another exciting year in comic-books. Huge crossover events and relaunches, captivated or turned-off readers. Diversity was also a welcome change! Here's our picks for this year's best of the best!

Favorite New Series:

  1. Hawkeye - A mixture of action, witty dialogue and just plain fun, best describes the solo Avenger's series. Issue 2's intricate panel work by artist David Aja, ranks as one of the best ever.
  2. Earth 2 - Bold new changes for Justice Society! Writer James Robinson reinvents the Golden Age characters with a modern approach. The first story arc was filled with many Easter eggs and more surprises and hints to come, in this world-building series. 
  3. Fatale - A riveting tale of horror and deceit spanning decades, all centered around the mysterious Josephine! The team Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips turn up the intrigue and drama in every page.
Honorable Mentions: Captain America, Fairest

Favorite Ongoing Series:

  1. Batman, Incorporated - Okay despite the renumbering and some subtle changes (the loss of members Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain and other elements, etc.), not much has really changed from where the series left off, before the reboot. The fun and family drama continue though with poor Damian still caught in the middle!  
  2. Daredevil -  Mark Waid has consistently taken Matt Murdock to the depths of his own limits and has even shaken up his relationships with longtime pal, Foggy Nelson and a district attorney, he's been romantically linked with. Never a dull moment for Daredevil with Waid helming the stories!
  3. Wonder Woman - Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang continue to dazzle readers with new takes on classic mythological themes. Azzarello has taken our leading lady from the cozy confines of London to the bleak wasteland of Hell.  Despite some controversy with the depictions of characters, the team has amazed readers with eye-catching artwork and modern portrayals of Wonder Woman's mythological ties. 
Honorable Mentions: Batman, Fables

Favorite Limited Series:

  1. Supercrooks - It's hard to cheer on supervillains but in this Mark Millar tale, you almost want them to win as they go for broke, facing impossible odds, in helping out an old friend.  Issue 3's riveting ending into issue 4 will stun readers!
  2. Before Watchmen: Minutemen - Darwyn Cooke delivered a captivating behind-the-scenes look at the once-heralded team and presented a darker and grim backstory of the characters. Elevating obscure ones, to the spotlight was the highlight of the early issues.
  3. The Secret Service - A coming of age story with an outrageous first issue guest star and story! Don't miss this wonderful tale of adventure, hope and family ties as a British Secret Service agent aims to mentor his wayward nephew. Surprises in store for both characters during the nephew's training and transition!
Honorable Mentions: The Shade

2012 Moments Highs and Lows:


- Digital comics: more independent publishers having their titles available.

- Summer of Valiant: an old friend returns with the same energy and excitement from years past! Who could forget X-O Manowar's innovative interactive cover for it's debut issue.

- Marvel AR: print comics meets cutting edge technology with bonus artwork, interviews and more!

- Diversity reached new heights in 2012: Earth 2 Green Lantern's sexual orientation, the introduction of new Green Lantern Simon Baz; Northstar's marriage to his lover; superheroine titles from Marvel such as Red She-Hulk, Captain Marvel and more to come in the next year with Fearless Defenders.


- Avengers vs. X-Men: The ending, period.

- Marvel Comics: double shipping certain titles within the same month.

- Before Watchmen: only a few titles worth reading.

- DC Comics Zero Month: a mixed bag for many readers, leaving more questions than answers.

- Death of legendary artist Joe Kubert: He gave the industry a lot more than just art but opportunities for  individuals to hone their talents.

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