December 22, 2012

Review: Happy Issue 3

Nick Sax bears all as Happy the Horse discovers what made Sax, the man he is today. Things only get bleaker from this point forward!

If you thought writer Grant Morrison didn't have a surprise twist planned for readers throughout this miniseries, then you surely do not want to miss this issue. Morrison throws in a wonderful element to this story, that changes things for the better, for one of the characters, provided Nick Sax makes the right decision though! Morrison's use of the imaginary blue horse in last issue's hilarious but questionable relation to the main story may have angered and alienated readers from the completing the rest of this miniseries, but leave it to Morrison, to deliver plenty of surprises in this third installment.

Issue three of the Happy miniseries is comprised mainly of Nick Sax's life story with more grim and gritty details displayed in the open. Readers finally get more details regarding certain elements from issue one with Morrison tying it altogether here in issue 3. What I enjoyed most about issue three is the dialogue from the background characters, in certain scenes, adding more depth to a shocking revelation by Happy the Horse for Sax. Despite focusing more on Sax's tale and less on action, Morrison still pulls off a compelling story that has to be read for fans to understand the events leading up towards next issue's finale. What issue two lacked in further plot development and connection to the overall plot, Morrison picks up the pace here with a lot of emotional elements, and delivers another magnificent chapter in the life of Nick Sax.

Penciller Darick Robertson remains spectacular with his work once again, despite the dark look and presentation of the entire saga. I realize the black backgrounds adds more bleakness and sets the mood for the whole story and issue three certainly continues that point, with it's unforgivingly dark feel. Although Happy the Horse does provided a great contrast to both story and artwork. Together with Morrison's script, the creative spares no expense with their gritty story and readers will be quite impressed with the revelations.

Final Verdict: A

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