December 20, 2012

Review: Captain America Issue 2

Trapped in Dimension Z for a year now, Captain America faces a hopeless situation with no salvation in sight. What's in store for him in Arnim Zola's wasteland?

As if the situation couldn't get any bleaker for Steve Rogers, writer Rick Remender has fast forwarded the storyline to a year now, leaving Rogers in the same predicament where we left him, in the debut issue. Remender certainly hasn't slowed things for Rogers, starting the new series in a completely different direction fused with sci-fi elements, that take him away from the cozy confines of national threats, conspiracies and Avengers teammates.

What Remender continues to develop with the second issue, is showcasing what exactly makes Rogers tick. Flashbacks to his childhood are a heartwarming if not tragic element that Remender adds to the story, depicting how strong his will is, despite the hopeless dilemma he finds himself in. This is a great touch by Remender, reminding readers, that superheroes don't just happen overnight. Truthfully, it's hard to feel sorry for Rogers as time has clearly passed with no hope in sight. The powerful dialogue by our hero reflects this too well. Unfortunately, Remender doesn't let up with the obstacles as things go downhill even further for our hero, as Dimension Z is inhabited with many unfriendly creatures. 

Captain America is a visual treat thanks to the artwork provided by legend John Romita, Jr. His simple style, much of it unchanged since the 1980s, remains remarkable in conveying Dimension Z's creatures and it's landscape. Kudos to the others on the team, such as the letterer for the visual impact of the sound effects and colorist for bringing the artwork to life.

 Final Verdict: A

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