January 9, 2013

Injustice Gods Among Us: New 52 Characters

The upcoming game plays it safe with the usual popular Justice League characters.  Rather than rely on the same old fluff (Harley Quinn, really?), here's some suggestions for the further inclusion of DC Comics' "New 52" superheroes and heroines, that we'd like to see in a DLC!

The recent additions of Bane and Lex Luthor are welcoming but also predictable due to their popularity. Let's think outside the box, and staying within the current continuity of the New 52 universe, here are our five selections for DLC updates for the game:

1. Hawkgirl: Besides the ability to fly, the newly revamped Kendra Saunders has some weapons (crossbow) in her repertoire that would bring much needed change and excitement for the game. The Earth 2 heroine would balance out the game's roster as well. [UPDATE: there's an Earth 2 skin available soon]

2. Animal Man: This selection seems a bit of a stretch at first but harnessing the abilities and characteristics of animals could bode well for Buddy Baker. One second the character has the strength of a lion, the next he has flying abilities or slithering about to attack or dodge an opponent. 

3. Atom Smasher: Another Earth 2 wonder who would definitely be exciting for the game. His ability to change size has endless fun written all over it. Picture him in a game, fighting Batman head to head, then he changes to his taller size, your opponent would certainly cower!

4. Katana: Sword-fighting action? She definitely brings it! Katana is another much-needed character to perfectly balance the roster for Injustice: GAU. Whether it's one sword or a multitude of similar weapons, Katana would be a great addition to Injustice: GAU. 

5. The Heretic: Not much has been revealed about the Damien/Bruce Wayne clone but given his recent battle with Batman, Inc. and The Dark Knight himself, he'd make a perfect addition. Brute strength and perhaps limited invulnerability would this new addition a good choice for players.

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