January 10, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Issue 8

This is it, the debut of Fury and a first true look at the dark lord himself, Steppenwolf! Writer James Robinson continues the showcase the world of Earth 2 in this issue.  What ramifications will this story have for our Wonders?

In issue 7 of the Earth 2 series, the aftermath of the first story arc wrapped up interestingly, with the parallel world lacking any cohesive team. It would have been a predicable move to create a team of heroes but Robinson instead chose to lead our heroes down a different and separate path. Oh sure, they'll eventually form the first superhero team on this planet, since the deaths of the original trinity but as we see in issue 8, Robinson's story develops into grander things, with new characters leading the way. 

Political intrigue and a tremendous amount of action showcasing the Last Amazon of Earth 2 comprises much of issue 8. With the stand-alone issue feel to it for new readers to jump on, Robinson continues to show just how massive the Earth 2 book will actually be. Set in the country of Dherain, Robinson's story primarily focuses on Steppenwolf's hunger for power and eventual rise to greatness once more. My disappointment with Robinson's story is that it's just too action and less character development, despite both of their debuts. Moreover, I found the action scenes to be too lopsided, in favor of our antagonists, considering that it's the same Apokolips technology, they've used to try to destroy the planet with. While there are some Social Media complaints about the scenes being too wordy, I'm quite pleased with the dialogue presented here. It's unfortunate that Robinson didn't elaborate further on Fury and Steppenwolf's past and origin but instead chose the showcase fight scenes with enough energy and well, fury. 

A big thumbs down to DC Comics marketing, for the revelation of Fury's name on the cover. Couldn't we add some mystery and intrigue to surprise readers? Artist Yildiray Cinar's superb guest fill-in comes to an end, but the artist extraordinaire treats to some outrageously  wonderful artwork and panels. His two-issue stint which also centered on machinery and the technological aspects of Earth 2, will be missed! New readers wishing to jump onboard this issue, will not be let down by some great art but a subpar story. 

Final Verdict: B
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