January 31, 2013

Review: Batman Incorporated Issue 7

The stunning revelation of what happened to the Dark Knight is revealed. The team continues to suffer setbacks as Leviathan penetrates Batman, Inc. with tragic results! Can Damian save the day?

 Belly of The Whale

If you thought Batman, Inc. issue 6 was devastating to our international team, then hang on as writer Grant Morrison delivers more suffering for the Batman, Incorporated team in this issue. Since the reboot of the series began within the New 52 universe, readers old and new haven't seen much action or progress within the storyline. A few issues have served as reintroducing new readers to past concepts previously used by Morrison.

We've read the origin of Talia in issue 2 (recapping the Son of Demon story), issue 0 (basically summarizing the first Batman, Inc. run) and of course the future Damian/Batman (issue 5 visiting the stories in Batman 666 and 700) but nothing spectacular or truly significant has happended until now. Last issue seemed to finally tilt the balance of power to Talia al Ghul and this issue further exemplifies the build-up of Leviathan in both the previous and current series. Morrison shows us the true force of Leviathan with it's use of innocent victims in their army against Batman (first hinted at in Batman, Inc issue 6, vol. 1). Wonderful ploy by Morrison and to see it finally used is brilliant.

Issue 7 contains many past references and events recalling scenes from the Batman: The Return special, the first volume of the series and the Otto Netz element, is back here once again. Is he even dead though and could we see his return, are questions left to be answered. While Morrison wants to go back down memory lane, unless you've read the previous volume before, many facets of the story can be daunting and even confusing. Could appearances by Kirk Langstrom and Professor Pyg be down the road as well? Furthermore, issue 7 contains a terrifying line by Damian, "Father's about to face her contempt on an epic scale". Despite utilizing past elements and themes, Morrison picks up the pace of the series tremendously with devastating results and emotional scenes we'd sooner like to forget! All the pieces are finally falling into place, don't miss this issue!

Artist Chris Burnham delivers the same wonderful artwork month after month. Jason Masters provides some art duties here as well, given how much quality and detail Burnham fills up in every issue thus far. [SPOILERS] Check out the awesome rides by Tim, Dick and Jason as well and cute details on the "Bat-Animals". Burnhamn's detailed work is simply amazing and shines again in this issue with concise and visceral wonder and depth.

Final Verdict: A

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