February 1, 2013

Review: Hawkeye Issue 7

Clint Barton doesn't fight any super-villains this time around but faces the forces of Mother Nature and human grief. This amazing story by writer Matt Fraction brings the real world perspective of tragedy straight into the lives of our two heroes.

Issue 7 of Hawkeye hits home for a lot people and for me as well, as I have family living in one of the areas affected by hurricane Sandy.  My family safely survived the disaster and their story echoes in these very pages. Issue 7 is a poignant depiction the human spirit and also a dark look at the world we live in. Two stories capture these emotions: one revolving around the people that populate Barton's life and the other story centers on Kate Bishop's courageous act to protect and shelter innocents. The theme of using non-powered enemies by Fraction continues superbly in this issue. Taking real-life events and successfully delivering two great tales is quite a feat and I especially enjoyed the scenes where Kate reluctantly has to swim in flood waters. Fraction captures genuine realism and powerful emotions so well here especially in "Grill's" family story.

The guest artists joining Fraction do a nice job handling the art chores on such a short notice. Steve Lieber is on point with the story on Barton, hoping to see his work on Hawkguy. Jesse Hamm's "frantic" style works well for Kate's tale with one panel at the end standing out as quite good. Fraction's writing runs the gamut of emotions with this personal story and there's no doubt you'll enjoy real-life events spilling over into comic-books. We should thank for Fraction for his generosity in donating any bonuses received towards the Red Cross.

Final Verdict: A

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