January 23, 2013

Review: Captain America Issue 3

Steve Rogers continues to be stranded in Dimension Z. What new horrors awaits him and his new found companions? A shocking finale is in store for readers!

Writer Rick Remender has taken Steve Rogers out of his more usual government espionage element and transplanted into a whole new adventure reminiscent of the classic Marvel stories. Along with artist John Romita, Jr., the science-fiction aspect of the current storyline continues to impress as we see Rogers stuck in a situation, that's completely beyond his control. The flashback scenes to his childhood are a wonderful touch, as Rogers reaches back in time to find some hope and perserverance to escape Dimension Z. Remender has broken Rogers down and his mental fortitude can clearly be traced back to his childhood.

Issue 2 for the most part, has some interesting new aspects in that Remender showcases some of villain Arnim Zola's past as well. It's a great compliment that will explain Zola's actions and ambitions in the present day story. Be prepared for some gruesome activities though with Zola's past! Furthermore, Remender delves deeper into Rogers' fragile mind throughout the issue, questioning his actions and ending with a last page shocker. Romita's art remains impressive as always and with eye-popping colors, this is one issue you just can't miss!

Final Verdict: A

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