January 16, 2013

Review: Fairest Issue 11

Writer Lauren Beukes continues to flesh out Rapunzel's tragic time in the Hidden Kingdom. Readers will not be disappointed as further light is shone upon her dark past which has rippling effects today.

Beukes and artist Inaki Miranda take a break from the current timeframe of the storyline and takes reader back once again into Rapunzel's past with Fairest issue 11.  As such, we get more details about Ryogan's machinations and eventual rise to power, which readers could've clearly seen in previous issues through his manipulative ways. Besides, an old emperor and a young power-hungry upstart, just don't mix do they? Beukes and Miranda boldy and at times graphically depict Ryogan's vile ways and actions leading to to fall of the empire to the invaders. One wonders though if Ryogan is still alive? Either way, I'm positive Buekes has something crafty planned, bringing the story of Rapunzel full circle.

Once again, you'll see some catchy Japanese pop culture references littered in this issue. Some were revealed in a preview but hopefully will not spoil things too much. Admittedly, I hope readers can um, stomach this issue because it is quite intense in some scenes with Rapunzel, throughout the last few pages. Fairest issue 11 is a great diversion into the past with truly revealing details about several characters that have been introduced. You might want to reread the first few issues of the arc again, since Beukes has exposed so much (painful at times) details about them, since. Then again, can we really trust Rapunzel too, and did her time in the well, leave some lasting damaging effects as well?

Miranda continues to deliver some excellent panels and pages throughout issue 11. The fight sequence between Ryogan and Rapunzel certainly is phenomenal yet tragic as well. Lush details of Ryogan's armor to the vibrant background scenes, Miranda pours in some exceptional artwork once again topping off another powerful story by Beukes.

Final Verdict: A

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