January 18, 2013

Review: Superior Spider-Man Issue 1

The Otto Octavius/Peter Parker mash-up has begun as writer Dan Slott wastes no time in the debut issue, by showcasing what the new Spider-Man is all about.  There's a surprise twist for readers though!

After the events of Amazing Spider-Man issue 700, there were alarmists on the internet crying foul over what was about to take place, once the Octavius-Parker-Superior era began. A few derided Slott for the supposed intimate scenes with Mary Jane Watson, with this new persona. Further, most of the haters didn't even have a copy of the comic-book itself when they spouted these harsh criticisms of what Slott had in mind. Amazingly though, Superior Spider-Man is another wonderful chapter in the evolution of the character.

In Superior Spider-Man issue 1, we get a first-hand glimpse of the Octavius-Parker duo. Though different on the inside with his emotions and personality, the physical nature is still Parker but with the amplified mind of Octavius.  As we see in this debut issue, the new Sinister Six are unfortunate victims to what this combination can do. However, it's not just physical prowess but more technical, as the toys Superior Spider-Man plays with, have advanced thanks to Octavius' input. Slott masterfully portrays Octavius coping and struggling with Parker's limitations in the story's dialogue and perhaps a chance one day to abandon this particular body? Who knows what Slott has up his sleeve this time around. The real twist awaits readers on the last page of this issue though. Revealing here would completely spoil Slott's objective and direction for the series.

Ryan Stegman's art is superb and is onpoint with his facial expressions throughout the issue. With Stegman's artwork, you can truly capture the arrogance of Octavius! His distinct rough yet cartoony style will thrill readers for the months ahead! Overall, the new era of the Superior Spider-Man is perfectly underway and no matter your initial reservations for what Slott has in store, the last page will certainly change what you think about the series' tone and direction.  Bravo for Slott's inclusion of the inner conflict within Octavius, as both writer and character embark on new ground.

Final Verdict: A

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