April 2, 2013

Review: Earth-2 Hardcover

The first six issues of the revamped Justice Society of the New 52 has been collected in a beautiful hardcover edition. The bonus material will definitely entice faithful readers to add this to their bookshelves. 

The New 52 timeline would've certainly created some issues for the introduction of the Justice Society. Instead, writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott present them in a way that works out well, capturing many of the themes and elements found in the pre-New 52 origins of the team. The first six issues of the series introduces readers to new versions of Golden Age favorites: The Flash, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl as they meet for the first time in the battle against The Grey. Along the way, James Robinson builds and sets the stage for story-lines to come with the introduction of classic characters in their new roles.

No new material is added to the existing six issue arc but the hardcover contains several added goodies such as concept artwork, penciled pages and others. There's definitely enough bonus stuff in the hardcover for readers who have previously bought each individual issue.

 Final Verdict: A 

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