April 8, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Issue 11

Beyond the magic and origin of Wotan, lies a great tale of bravery and inspiration. Our two heroes rise to the occasion and one of them, finally takes the role he's best known for. 

Issue 11 of Earth 2 continues the magic aspect of the parallel world saga with a subtle tale of courage and standing up to adversity.  Writer James Robinson doesn't just present a story filled with action and drama but rather shows how the actions of one hero can inspire us all, to overcome what we think is impossible. Of all the characters we've seen so far, The Flash Jay Garrick has been the most reserved one of the heroes. Despite losing his girlfriend as well, Garrick hasn't experienced the level of trauma as Alan Scott has in his personal life.  So imagine the plot twist in issue 11 when Garrick himself serves as the inspiration for another hero to finally accept his own FATE. 

I won't reveal too much more of the story elements but the central focus is on Garrick himself and his own determination to rescue his mother from the machinations of Wotan. Kudos to Robinson for a great story filled with inspiration.  Artist Nicola Scott again provides a magnificent job in depicting the surroundings of The Tower of Fate here. There's a tremendous detail that Scott delivers each month so far, and in this issue so don't be surprised if she has to take another break from art duties. Robinson and Scott deliver some more bonus subplots here as well so don't miss this issue at all!

Final Verdict: A

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  1. I particularly loved the interaction between Wotan and Jay's mom, to see that she has that much confidence in her son.
    Can't wait to see Fate vs that douchy Wotan...