April 12, 2013

Review: Hawkeye Issue 9

One by one the women in Clint Barton's past, pay a visit to the acclaimed archer. What about those bros though? 

Writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja deliver quite a unique story in the latest issue of Hawkeye, by spotlighting Barton's relationships and associates and weaving it all into the tracksuit draculas storyline. It's quite a feat by Fraction and Aja, as issue 9 is broken into separate chapters that spotlight each damsel thats ever been associated with Barton.  Fraction takes readers back down Barton's past with this emotional story giving us a different portrait of the man. Is the subtle message, superhero duties will wreak havoc on a lovelife? One thing is for sure though, Barton has a lot people watching his back despite all the hurt he's caused them emotionally. It's up to readers to make a judgment call on Barton despite his do-gooder efforts with the tenants in his building. It's a cautionary tale that will certainly evoke new feelings and thoughts about our favorite archer bro.

Visually, Hawkeye remains one of the more stunning comics out on racks everywhere. Despite the rotating artists in the past and in future issues, Aja remains the visual force behind each issue's stunning artistic chores.  Although his panel work remains conservative, which may be a result of Fraction's script, Aja's panels remained highly detailed and stylish. Note the styles and patterns on Bobbi and Jessica's individual outfits (okay, even Natasha's) as it bears some hints to their costumed identities! Hawkeye issue 9 is an emotionally read as it sheds light on Clint Barton's past loves, of which most ended terribly. Take an emotional walk down deep in the corners of his heart. 

Final Verdict: A

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