May 16, 2013

Earth 2: Red Tornado Debut?

Looks like the new Red Tornado has just made her whirlwind debut throughout DC Comics' line of books. A homage to the past, who is the new Red Tornado though? [SPOILER WARNING]

DC Comics has publicly unveiled the new Red Tornado of the popular Earth 2 series within all of their books this week. The appearance of the character is within the pages of the Channel 52 feature:

The new Red Tornado? 
The costume bears some resemblance to the Ma Hunkel version of the Red Tornado character: 

Golden Age version of Red Tornado (Abigail Hunkel)

The question remains if the character is the original Abigail Mathilda "Ma" Hunkel or her granddaughter Maxine Hunkel aka "Cyclone" from writer Geoff John's Justice Society of America series. Perhaps an amalgamation of both:

Cyclone: Maxine Hunkel
The Red Tornado character was previously seen in an issue of Earth 2 still under development at the hands of Terry Sloan. What lead the character to suddenly appear away from the grip of Sloan? Is this person, another Red Tornado android/robot on the loose?

The preview is in line with the upcoming debut of the Earth 2 Batman in Earth 2 annual one out later this month. 

Classic images courtesy DC Wikia

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