July 25, 2013

Review: Justice League Dark Issue 22

Trinity War continues as the Man of Steel is set free. What happens when the other teams finally confront the Justice League Dark?

Justice League Dark issue 22 takes us into the midst of the Trinity War crossover saga, bringing in all of the Justice League teams at the forefront of the story.  As we've seen so far with the previous issues, the Trinity dominate most of the issue with the John Constantine grabbing most of the spotlight in this story by Geoff Johns and Jeff Lemire. Beyond Constantine, other members like Zatanna do get a chance in the spotlight but not nearly as he does.  I think the scenes featuring her certainly grabbed my attention more than what was occurring within the main story. My only criticism of this crossover story despite the title of event, is that more focus should be on developing the minor characters in each team. I don't want it to feel as if I'm reading another story with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. We have enough books on that.

We learn that Wonder Woman seeks the aid of the JLD as she continues her own quest for answers regarding Pandora.  Moving away from the heavy action, the issue concentrates more on developing the final three issues of the crossover event.  The emphasis on dialogue and splitting into smaller teams, whether its by choice or forced upon is a nice touch here by Johns and Lemire. I didn't understand the scene immediately after The Question and Superman escape from the chamber and the Man of Steel's actions toward Cyborg. It just seemed out of place and truly unnecessary with what follows later on. A prominent guest star's appearance is severely undercut in this issue and you will have to pick up his own book for the tie-in story. I wish more focus could've been given to the rest of the JLD cast.

Mikel Janin provides some stellar artwork for the issue. The characters' expressions in Janin's scene are wonderfully captured and brings that realistic vibe. I hope it's not too long before he's given more work with the rest of DC Comics' stable of books!

Final Verdict: B

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