July 25, 2013

Review: Batman Superman Issue 2

Worlds collide as Superman and Batman travel to Earth 2 though not necessarily by their own choice! Writer Greg Pak and Jae Lee continue the epic story of their first team-up!

Issue 2 continues the fast-paced action Pak and Lee delivered in the series debut as the bewildered superheroes try to figure out just exactly what is going on. The story is an equal balance of action and dialogue with some truly emotional scenes playing out. While former Earth 2 writer James Robinson gave us a glimpse of the Earth 2 Batman, Pak does the same here with some tender scenes of the original Earth 2 Dark Knight and his wife Catwoman.  The young and inexperienced heroes from New 52 Earth (for a lack of a better word) are shown up by their older counterparts. Despite the action, there's also some dark comedy added by Pak which definitely adds more depth to the scenes.

Colorist June Chung definitely deserves major props for her color work in issue 2. She perfectly provides balance and contrast with the Superman and Batman scenes. Her vibrant colors also draw out the Gotham/Bat Cave scenes allowing the reader's eyes to concentrate on the characters. Of course, Lee brings the same visual splendor again even with the fight scenes. Great blend of shadows and detail to capture Pak's script, with Chung's colors to add more visual depth. Truly magnificent work by Lee from the creases in Batman's cape right down to the details in Earth 2 Wayne Manor!

Final Verdict: A

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