August 1, 2013

Review: Batman, Incorporated Issue 13

The grand finale is here as Batman and Talia al Ghul confront each other in the Batcave for the final showdown. Will she survive against the Dark Knight?

After seven years, writer Grant Morrison wraps up his massive Batman run with issue 13 of the Batman, Incorporated series. Despite the title being initially halted by the changes with DC Comics New 52 reboot initiative, the series has kept most of it's core elements intact as it relates to Morrison's story.  We've seen one more future Damian Wayne as Batman story in issue 5, where Barbara Gordon appeared to be in a wheelchair as well. It looked like Morrison had gotten a free pass to use pre-New 52 concepts but still wasn't able to utilize Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown in his stories. What Morrison began with the revelation of Batman's son Damian, to the discovery of identity of Leviathan, ends with issue 13. Sort of.

The Confrontation Begins
Unlike similar endings to Morrison's works such as Doom Patrol and Animal Man, there is no finality despite the death of Damian Wayne, to the overall story here. The last few pages will certainly stun readers as Morrison leaves the door open to this saga. My displeasure with issue 13 centers on characters Morrison just recently reintroduced in this second run but chose not to devote more time to, in this final chapter. This key character essentially turned the tide in the war against Leviathan.  I felt Morrison should have given the character far more than what was depicted in issue 13. Artist Chris Burnham continues to deliver some amazing artwork with some spectacular scenes utilizing the ouroboros theme. It's truly mind-blowing and reminiscent of his work in the Leviathan Strikes special.

Final Duel
Batman, Incorporated issue 13 plants the seeds for the future of the series, should anyone else take a stab at it.  Beyond the upcoming special, the many characters and ideas Morrison introduced along the way (Dark Ranger, Knight, Batman of Japan, Spydra, etc.), have plenty of potential to make it in their own books too. We've seen Batwoman make that leap successfully, after Morrison reinvigorated that character. Issue 13 is far from a complete ending and may raise a few more questions regarding the future of it's amazing cast and elements.

Final Verdict: B

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