August 28, 2013

Review: Justice League Issue 23

The Trinity War finale reaches it's stunning conclusion and leads us straight into the Forever Evil event next month!

Writer Geoff Johns has had a long history of writing amazing stories and just as equal crossover events for DC Comics. Years later, he continues that tradition with the epic Trinity War saga, long ago teased way back when. We've spent the past months enamored with how everything would develop and lead up to that moment. Justice League issue 23, the final saga of the Trinity War storyline wraps up those burning questions and leads us to the 2 year anniversary of the New 52 reboot next month. And of course, the Forever Evil event.

Justice League issue 23 contains many homage scenes and recaps the beginnings of the New 52 universe and the team itself in a terrific introduction.  Those scenes will certainly make you reminisce and look back at all the past clues John and Jim Lee left behind as The Outsider explains his story and the moment leading up to these events and the bewildering teaser image planted in the FCBD issue.  Magnificent use of John Constantine in this issue as chaos swirls and he's the only one who seems to understand whats going on with our heroes. Artist Ivan Reis spoils readers here with some magnificent two-page spreads and action-filled panels.  Reis' character facial expressions are fairly on point here, showing us some realistic emotions in the heat of battle and chaos. The creative team saves the best for last as Johns steps up the pace with the second half of the book when everything is revealed, paving the road for...Forever Evil!

Final Verdict: A

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