September 14, 2013

Review: Detective Comics/Poison Ivy Issue 23.1

The origin of Poison Ivy will tangle you up! Find out what she has planned for Gotham City during Batman's absence!

Some of the stories featured during Villains Month, delve into the backgrounds of the characters, revealing their origins and motivations for their criminal activities.  Writer Derek Fridolfs chooses this route for his contribution to Villains Month, pulling up some dark times in Pamela "Poison Ivy" Isley's past to blend in with her current rampage of Gotham City.  Fridolfs portrays Isley here with revenge on her mind for being slighted by Bruce Wayne himself and past injustices that may have been due to her own fault.  While readers will be touched by her traumatic past in Fridolf's tale, it's later on in life as the story progresses, that may bring back some contempt for the character. 

Poison Ivy lays siege to Gotham City!
Poison Ivy 23.1 lacks any interesting or revealing aspects of Isley and simply manages to summarize her New 52 activities. The story will probably endear her to some readers with Fridolf's touching story but the character shift mid-story may change that. Artist Javier Pina is thankfully there to provide some help with some dazzling work capturing scenes and panels along with some great character expressions. Pina's work is not cluttered, conveys the tragedy and emotion of every scene, for this story. 

Final Verdict: 7/10

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