September 11, 2013

Review: Green Arrow/Count Vertigo 23.1

 The origin of Count Vertigo! You might end up rooting for him!   

If there's one issue that could have taken advantage of the 3-D effects for Villains Month, it should have been this one. Alas, the cover artwork by artist Andrea Sorrentino is a bit of a letdown with that regard. It's an amazing cover showcasing Vertigo's power but the awkward pose by the villain, restricts him and the readers from completely showcasing what he's capable of. Regardless, writer Jeff Lemire delivers an intense and emotional origin for Green Arrow's nemesis. The problem is obviously developing some sympathy for the villain after reading his tale and the shocking end scenes that Lemire has in store.

Lemire's contribution for Villains Month, is a truly dramatic story pulling cues from real-life world events and weaving them into this compelling origin that seethes with both anger and sadness.  You may end up cheering for Vertigo when he crosses paths with Green Arrow after this issue. Sorrentino's artwork adequately captures the villain's traumatic past and vile future ahead. Sorrentino dazzles readers with some eye-candy panels showcasing the Count's power, despite the lackluster cover.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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