October 7, 2013

Review: Forever Evil Issue 2

Can the Teen Titans save the planet from the clutches of the Crime Syndicate? What is Lex Luthor up to anyway?

Lots of revelations are brought to light in issue 2 as presented by writer Geoff Johns and artist David Finch.  Honor among villains? Apparently not, as we find out more about the Crime Syndicate, those villains who have taken over Earth.  With the small focus on Superwoman and Owlman, it's an interesting angle presented by Johns as it may also foreshadow the ending of the miniseries.  If you've read Johns' other mega event, Infinite Crisis, then you probably can see some similarities with another developing subplot in Forever Evil as it relates to Lex Luthor. The Luthor spotlight dominates most of the issue as Johns' is certainly setting him up for something down the road, perhaps as Earth's only salvation?

What is Lex Luthor up to?

The Teen Titans are tasked to save the day in a futile battle against Johnny Quick and Atomeka, which is a bit of a stretch here.  Nevertheless, Johns has also something planned for our teen heroes and heroines in the coming months, as revealed here. I found the cover artwork to be a bit lackluster too as I suspect Finch "needed" to put Ultra-Man and Superwoman on the cover, for sales reasons. Light on action but strong on character focus and development should entice readers to pick up issue 2.

Weakest part of the issue involved the Teen Titans and their quick demise just to setup another aspect of the story. The plot threads seem similar if you've followed Johns' work before but we're willing to bet that he'll deliver another outstanding finale.

Final Verdict: 7/10

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