October 3, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Issue 16

The stunning conclusion to the battle against Steppenwolf is finally here and the casualties are plenty! 

Artist Nicola Scott really outdid herself with the artwork in this issue as it is filled with plenty of two-page spreads of her amazing work. The level of detail that Scott always delivers in each issue after issue is definitely showcased here also. I wouldn't be surprised if she took some time off to recuperate! The battle between Steppenwolf's forces and the World Army AND the Wonders, is outstandingly captured in the opening scenes. There's page after page of great choreographed action here presented by writer James Robinson and Scott. It's perhaps one of the brutal issues to date as Green Lantern gets the worst of it. Robinson goes out with a bang here, literally.

Steppenwolf vs. The World Army!

With issue 16, Robinson bids farewell to the standout series that he certainly left his own mark on. He 'transformed' several of the Golden Age Justice Society characters for today's contemporary audience, leaving a pioneering trail for others to follow. Robinson showed us what a modern approach to classic superheroes could look like. The dark mood reflected in this three-part final arc and especially issue 16 perhaps, speaks volumes of his recent departure from DC Comics. The surprise at the end remains confusing considering his supposed "death", described in issue zero's Who's Who page.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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