November 6, 2013

Review: East of West Issue 7

Who is the Keeper of The Message and what is his connection to the Four Horsemen? Find out in this flashback tale!

"East of West" issue 7 is another gripping self-contained story delving mainly into the minor character Ezra Orion. Writer Jonathan Hickman seemingly connects Orion's past with that of the Four Horsemen's heinous activities. The story also will remind you what kind of character Death is as he has a somewhat minor role in young Orion's formation and development as the Keeper of The Message. Whatever pity and sorrow you may have felt for Death and Xiaolan towards the last few issues, let this flashback show you what Death is all about. For whatever reasons Hickman chose to depict Orion's past ahead of the major players in The Chosen, these flashback scenes are always entertaining.

Honestly, the Ezra Orion character seemed like an afterthought to me but as we discover in this issue, there's a larger story Hickman has in store, as he ties in everyone to The Message. Orion isn't some patsy in this whole saga as we discover, but ultimately another innocent victim with a lifetime of pain to endure.

What to do with the beast attached to Orion's arm?

Delightful work again from Nick Dragotta whose panels are a joy to look at. The exotic locales featured in this issue alone is breathtakingly wonderful. The panels aren't too cluttered with background noise so you can truly appreciate Dragotta's gorgeous offering this month despite some style similarities with the character's facial expressions.

Note: Ezra Orion is perhaps named after the real-life artist whose sculptures may have inspired some of the structures depicted in past issues.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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