November 11, 2013

Review: Earth 2 Issue 17

Surprises galore as our heroes gather their senses against a new threat worse than Steppenwolf!

Tom Taylor begins his writing duties with Earth 2 issue 17 and doesn't miss a step in continuity, as it relates to former writer James Robinson's dangling storylines. The issue is filled with non-stop action and lots of revelations, especially one giant one. Taylor gathers the myriad of characters created by Robinson and artist Nicola Scott and injects them well into this new direction. If you haven't caught up with the series, Taylor does a fine job of reintroducing the major characters once more for newer readers.  Essentially, the story comprises the aftermath of the final battle with Steppenwolf and I'm hopeful for the return of more character-driven arcs as opposed to massive team battle stories.

The cover by Ethan Van Sciver came off too stiff and seemed out of place by the focus on the new Batman. Sales have not been kind to this book as of late. hence the character choice for the cover. The last few pages reveal where the storyline is headed and leaves me to speculate that any remnants of a modern take on the Justice Society of America, is slowly disappearing. Rather, Taylor is probably morphing the series into another Justice League-type of book but this time on a parallel Earth!

Despite my grievances, artist Nicola Scott provides the usual visual eye-candy. Just another spectacular effort from her with the detailed style that she delivers since issue one. I'd like to see more cover artwork from her!

Final Verdict: 7/10

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