December 1, 2013

Review: Rocket Girl Issue 2

The 1980s-inspired logo on the cover of Rocket Girl issue 2 still fascinates me long after I've read it. The frenetic vibe and pace of both the artwork and the story along with it's unique cover, continues to resonate with me. 

With writer Brandon Montclare's second issue, the relentless pace from the debut continues quite well here. Montclare throws our heroine DaYoung Johansson deep into trouble and hi-jinx in the past, making for another engaging and fun story. Thats not all though as Montclare continues with the intrigue and mysteries of the future timeline where Johansson is actually from. Humor, action and drama all truly make up the components of this fun series. The dual focus on both versions of Johansson, certainly adds more twists to the overall storyline.

Rocket Girl...making pancakes!
Amy Reeder's artwork has been nothing short of eye-candy.  The anime-style she showcases in each page will make you wish for an actual anime adaptation! The vibrant colors (they certainly don't hold back) fused with the artwork highlight each issue. It's like someone dropped a pack of Skittles candy on a black and white comic-book!

Providing a mix of humor and dramatic moments, Rocket Girl stand outs from the rest with the sheer vibrancy unfolding in each page.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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