January 23, 2014

Review: Deadly Class Issue One

High-school was never like this! Check out the zany adventures of Marcus Lopez and the trouble he encounters in this debut issue!

Deadly Class Issue 1
Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Wes Craig

Remender's high-octane tale of tragedy and adventure highlights the debut issue of the Deadly Class series. The focus is on protagonist Marcus Lopez Arguello's coming of age story fueled by the horrific death of his parents in the most bizarre way. That's only the beginning of what's ahead for Marcus as Remender brings to the light, the young man's time in the grim and gritty streetlife of San Francisco and his daily battles of survival. Travel the streets of any urban setting or and night, you'll realize how honest Remender captures the goings-on so well. The latter part of the issue kicks things into high-gear when fate or a girl steps into Marcus' life and changes things for the better. I enjoyed Remender's heartfelt origin story for Marcus but felt some of the material was left unexplained, especially if it connects to Marcus' past family affairs in government affairs.


Wes Craig's artwork is loose and fluid throughout the issue with heavy amounts of panels on some pages. Going beyond simple and straightforward styles, the slanted scenes that capture the frenetic pace of the action, were a nice touch. Craig's work is a joy to behold and certainly look forward to it as the series progresses. Credit Lee Loughride for the color work and keeping the palette to similar colors rather than overly contrast the elements in each page.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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