January 1, 2014

Review: Shaolin Cowboy Issue 3

The action piles on further in issue 3 with our saavy Shaolin fighting his way through the surrounding zombie hordes. Will he survive?

Writer and artist Geof Darrow's art-driven series Shaolin Cowboy continues its frenetic pace of showcasing Darrow's strongest point, namely his detailed pages of action and gore. Its hard to find a plot to critique when all you get non-stop scenes capturing our hero battle his way out of danger. Nevertheless, its not all the same kind of panels found in the previous two issues as Darrow continues to showcase the determination and skill of the Cowboy in this seemingly endless fight against the zombie hordes. Little is shown of the dark humor and Easter eggs found in the last issue but Darrow portrays our antagonist with some creativity here as the fight draws closer to an end, as promised in the end of issue 3.

Darrow's work is a joy to behold with each panel exposing a tremendous of detail as he is known for. While the issue lacks any substance in advancing a plot, Darrow engages the readers with the hero's will to survive this bloody and gruesome fight of his life. Unfortunately for readers, it may be a bit of the same old, same old as seen in previous issues. Stay for the artwork, it's worth every penny.

Final Verdict: 6/10

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