March 5, 2014

Review: Jupiter's Legacy Issue 4

Catching up with siblings Chloe and Brandon as the family strife continues into the future. 

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Frank Quitely

Millar forwards the storyline a bit into the future as we see Brandon take power and matters into his own hands as the president of the United States. It's not all fun and games as Brandon takes heat from the public and he responds in turn with swift brutality.  Contrast those scenes with a different kind of life for Chloe as she does her best to remain below the radar and raise her family.  This is the highlight of this issue for me with Millar delivering some outstanding scenes and dialogue with Chloe and family. Millar treats us to more clues about that mysterious island in a flashback sequence at the onset of this issue.

The island
Quitely's opening page is a sight to behold. It's truly a breathtaking scene as he shows the depth of the situation ahead. The color work on some of his panels are quite gorgeous and really make the scenes pop out! As with Quitely's work, every detail is not to be missed, even the proposal scene is an homage to the early Superman films.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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